Property Management

Property Management

At Borger Management, Inc., management is more than just advice and financial reporting. Borger Management, Inc. is accountable for the success of your property investment.

Borger Management, Inc. is a leader in the DC Metropolitan Area real estate industry with over 7,000 multi-family housing units and 2.3 million square feet of commercial and retail space under our supervision. We provide management services for institutional investors and pension fund advisors, for financial institutions, for families, for individuals, and for partnerships as well as for ourselves. Our philosophy has always been to manage assets as if we are the owner.

Borger Management, Inc., is well known and well respected, not only within our industry, but also by the legislative agencies whose work impacts our properties and owners.

Creative. Innovative. Responsive.

Clear, consistent, frequent communication is essential. Our principals and property managers are constantly involved on-site, talking with residents, tenants, building staff, neighbors and the owners themselves. Our people, from maintenance technicians to marketing managers, work together and share ideas for improving operations. Our use of advanced technology, including our totally paperless eResidentPortal, allows us to respond faster to the needs of residents, to the conditions of the market, and to opportunities that add value for our clients.

Representative List of Clients

  • Ronald D Paul Companies, INC
  • The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Carmel Partners
  • Calvin Cafritz
  • German Marshall Fund
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Feil Organization
  • Douglas Development Corporation
  • Frank Paulson
  • Lipnick Family
  • Coopersmith Family
  • Hottel Family

  • Multi-Family Housing Management

    Multi-Family Housing Property Management

    Borger Management, Inc. has over 9,000 multi-family housing units under our supervision. We conduct our business with a philosophy that we serve two clients: our residents and our property owners.

    The result of our dedication to maintaining our multi-family housing communities and providing responsive service to our residents is that our occupancy rates are high, our turnover is low, and the value of our managed assets increases.

    Our use of advanced industry technology, such as our paperless eResidentPortal, is just one example of our drive to be responsive to our residents. eResidentPortal gives our residents the ability to access their lease documents, view community events or log maintenance service requests, from virtually anywhere - their apartments, their offices, or from a business trip location.

    The Politics of Housing

    The laws and regulations governing housing in the DC Metropolitan Area are complex and ever changing. Borger Management, Inc. executives are active participants in the legislative process. We regularly testify on behalf of our clients before City Council hearings on the impact of proposed legislation.

    As a result, a value that Borger Management, Inc. brings to our clients is our experience in a wide range of issues including Rent Control Law and TOPA laws and the nuances of regulatory compliance in the District. Likewise, we are able to navigate through the intricacies of real estate tax licensing, and utility rates.

    Borger Management, Inc. is solely focused on this metropolitan area. While, many Borger Management, Inc. clients own properties in other cities, when they decide to acquire property in the Washington DC area, they rely on the expertise of Borger Management, Inc. We know what it takes to be successful, here.

  • Commercial Management

    Innovative Commercial Real Estate Strategies

    Borger Management, Inc. maintains over 2.3 million square feet of commercial and retail space for property owners throughout the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. With our expansive portfolio and decades of experience under our belts, Borger Management, Inc. has managed to become one of the most trusted names in the real estate industry.

    At Borger Management, Inc. our goal is simple: we’re here to add value to your property and generate returns on your investment, and we have the knowledge, experience and professionalism it takes to make that happen.

    We have a reputation for staying connected to tenants, owners and investors because we believe that communicating and maintaining personal relationships with people at all levels of the organization is absolutely crucial to generating profitable returns on our clients’ investments. From development to marketing and management, Borger Management, Inc. is with you every step of the way.

    Our client base includes several large warehousing and distribution centers throughout Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. We know the industry inside and out, and have the ability to provide expert site selection, marketing, specialty consulting, asset management, property management, and maintenance services for your specific warehouse property needs.

    At Borger, we truly understand the unique demands of the retail sector. Whether you operate one location or have hundreds of storefronts throughout the country, Borger Management, Inc.’s trusted network of retail management professionals know how to identify the neighborhoods and retail locations that will help your company perform at the highest level.

    We take an open, innovative and collaborative approach to property and asset management to make sure all of your office space management needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism. We work with you to maintain strong relationships with quality tenants in order to ensure that your investment performs at the very highest level.

  • Office/Retail Leasing

    Lease Management for the Entire Real Estate Lifecycle

    Office and Retail Leasing are a true components of our total management services, in lieu of outsourcing to a third-party. We believe the advantage is that the people who manage your property on a day-to-day basis are best able to market it effectively to your prospective tenants.

    Borger Management, Inc. is trusted with leasing and management assignments that range from single tenant retail locations to full-floor office tenants in office buildings in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

    Our experience in managing the entire real estate lifecycle means we are able to monitor lease renewal for all office buildings and retail space under management, proactively preparing for events, controlling costs and maintaining high occupancy up for our clients.

    Office Leasing

    Because of our commitment to be accountable for both leasing and management responsibilities, we are able to have better communications with and be more responsive to your tenants needs. For example, we are able to offer knowledgeable assistance and, if desired, construction management of tenant build-out. Our in-house leasing professionals provide single-point responsibility and commitment to your tenants, resulting in high occupancy rates and above market tenant retention.

    Retail Leasing

    Borger Management, Inc.'s retail portfolio consists of free-standing properties, community centers and specialty retail properties. Our tenants include a wide range of national store and restaurant brands, as well as recognized regional and local businesses.

    Our ability to provide in-house leasing professionals, working together with property management personnel, means Borger Management, Inc. is able to deliver complete lifecycle services: marketing, leasing, tenant build-out, property management and renewal. This approach results in high occupancy and retention for our retail property owners.

  • Construction Management

    Construction Management As A Service, Not A Profit Center

    Borger Management's construction experience includes tenant improvements, renovation of common areas, and building-wide upgrades of internal systems or exterior facades.

    For Borger Management, Inc., construction management is a service that enhances the value and marketability of our client's assets. In providing construction management services, Borger Management, Inc. acts solely as the owner's representative. We solicit bids from a pool of proven contractors and suppliers, and then oversee the project through to completion. We have the objectivity needed to budget accordingly and deliver on schedule.

    Aged Properties Given New Life

    History is a common theme in buildings throughout DC and in nearby Maryland and Virginia. Borger Management, Inc. has a proven track record of working to restore historic buildings to modern standards, and yet are protective of the legacy value of the property.

    We are very familiar with environmental, mechanical and structural issues, especially those inherent in pre-WWII buildings. We have the experience to prolong the useful life of assets and systems through preventative maintenance.

    Borger Management, Inc. takes a long-term perspective. We work closely with our clients to develop realistic annual budgets to maintain the value of the property, as well as longer-term capital improvement budgets designed to upgrade or reposition an asset in the marketplace.

  • Development and Financing

    Development and Financing

    Borger Management's extensive experience in the DC Metropolitan Area, the active participation of our principals in community and industry associations, and our ownership of a portfolio of both Multi-family housing and commercial properties, gives us a unique ability to guide our clients through their own development and financing process.

    Borger Management, Inc. understands the total lifecycle of ownership. As such we know how to conduct due diligence that presents our client with a realistic view of current conditions, potential risks and opportunities for success.

    We have gone through the process to arrange for financing with institutions that include Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, commercial banks and various life insurance companies. We are able to guide our clients through due diligence, providing the background studies and documentation that assure they get the best financing available for their needs.