Innovative Commercial Real Estate Strategies

Borger Management, Inc. maintains over 2.3 million square feet of commercial and retail space for property owners throughout the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. With our expansive portfolio and decades of experience under our belts, Borger Management, Inc. has managed to become one of the most trusted names in the real estate industry.

At Borger Management, Inc. our goal is simple: we’re here to add value to your property and generate returns on your investment, and we have the knowledge, experience and professionalism it takes to make that happen.

We have a reputation for staying connected to tenants, owners and investors because we believe that communicating and maintaining personal relationships with people at all levels of the organization is absolutely crucial to generating profitable returns on our clients’ investments. From development to marketing and management, Borger Management, Inc. is with you every step of the way.


Our client base includes several large warehousing and distribution centers throughout Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia. We know the industry inside and out, and have the ability to provide expert site selection, marketing, specialty consulting, asset management, property management, and maintenance services for your specific warehouse property needs.


At Borger Management, Inc., we truly understand the unique demands of the retail sector. Whether you operate one location or have hundreds of storefronts throughout the country, Borger Management, Inc.’s trusted network of retail management professionals know how to identify the neighborhoods and retail locations that will help your company perform at the highest level.


We take an open, innovative and collaborative approach to property and asset management to make sure all of your office space management needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism. We work with you to maintain strong relationships with quality tenants in order to ensure that your investment performs at the very highest level.